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Women Thriving at Work is an online private community of women supporting women. We meet once a month on Zoom (so you can participate from anywhere). Each month we get some high-level training on a relevant topic, and check in with each other. You’ll leave each meeting with new skills, feeling energized and supported.

Between our live meetings, the WTW community lives and breathes in our private Facebook Group. Here you can connect with other women in the group, ask questions between our live events, share challenges and successes, and give yourself a boost through the warmth, wisdom and encouragement of the group. You’ll learn from other women, and they’ll learn from you. A commitment to confidentiality and positivity is required of every woman in our group.

Here's how your life will improve through Women Thriving at Work.

1) You'll be part of a supportive women's community - You'll be surrounded by a community of supportive, like-minded women with similar challenges, goals and dreams. Through our private, members-only Facebook Group you'll be able to connect with other women in the group between live events.

2) You'll upgrade your skills - Together, we'll upgrading our knowledge and skills. It's a fact, life-long learners get paid more, are more successful and advance more quickly toward their goals. You'll learn practical strategies to increase your value, handle challenges and remove barriers. You'll gain clarity about your goals, learn how to optimize your environment, upgrade your skills, and establish a success mindset with relevant trainings that will increase your personal and professional success.

3) You'll boost your career - 10x your success with customized and personalized Q & A and coaching at the end of each training. Get answers about your specific situation each month and through our private Facebook group. You can request topics for future events.

What You Get When You Join WTW

1. You get a strong community of like-minded, supportive, professional women that will have your back, support you, and cheer you on.

2. You get career boosting, cutting-edge live, online trainings on relevant topics each month. We meet online via Zoom on the second Thursday of every month at 6PM, Pacific Time.

3. You get access to your private WTW member area 24/7. Video recordings of each WTW event are stored there in case you miss an event or just want to review.

4. You get access to our private WTW Facebook group, where you can connect with the other high-quality women in our group. Access the group any time to get feedback, support, or to get a charge of energy when you need it.

5. You get training and support between monthly events by posting questions on our private WTW Facebook group.

6. You get personalized training by requesting topics. WTW is here to serve you. If want us to address a specific issue or topic in a future event, just let us know.

7. You'll learn from your peers. The magic of WTW is that we learn from each other.  We all have unique talents and wisdom to share. Often, the right message comes unexpectedly right when we need it, when we are part of a supportive community like WTW.

8. You'll get a follow up email after each live event with a brief summary of the topic we discussed, and tips on how to implement it in your daily life. Think of it as a "Cheat Sheet for Success." No bulky notebooks or binders - just a handy one-pager you can fold up and throw in your purse, put it on your desk, or save to your phone, tablet or laptop.


Here are some topics we'll talk about, in addition to requests from you and other women in our group.

How To Ask For More Money (both employees & entrepreneurs) [May 10th, 2018]

How to Overcome the Good Old Boy's Club [June 14, 2018]

5 Steps to Upgrade Your Life [July 12, 2018]

How to Launch Your Product or Service Online [August 9, 2018]

How to Build Your Credibility [September 13, 2018]

How to Get More Customers/Clients

How To Neutralize A Micromanager

How To Clarify Your Career Goals and Create an Action Plan to Achieve Them

How To Get Promoted

How To Become a CEO (or C Suite executive)

How To Neutralize Workplace Drama and It's Impact on You

Time Management Strategies for Working Women

How to Position Yourself as a Leader

How to Start a Business

Best Practices for Managing a Team

Strategies For Dealing With Women That Undermine You

How To Increasing Your Influence

How to Overcome a Toxic Boss

How to Make a Career Change

Why Women Compete With Each Other – How to Overcome it

How To Be A Powerful Woman

Building Self Confidence

Handling Difficult Situations Confidently

How To Know When You’re Giving Too Much

Knowing When To Be Assertive or Passive

How to Get Clarity on Your Goals

How to Strategize Your Actions to Meet Your Goals

How to Change Your Career

How To Respond When Someone Attacks You

How To Avoid Dysfunction In The Workplace

Steps to Creating A Culture of Women Supporting Women in Your Workplace

How To Get More Help From Your Spouse

How To Deal With Workplace Bias – Women with Kids, Versus Women without Kids

Your 5 Female Strengths and How You Can Use Them to Your Benefit

How To Leave Your Job and Become an Entrepreneur

And more, plus topics you request...

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If you have questions, please email me at lacy@lacyschoen.com. You can also refer to our FAQs here. To join, enter your information below to get started.

We look forward to welcoming YOU to this awesome group!

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