Elevating Women in the Workforce

Welcome to Real Women Real Success. This is your hub for learning to hone your innate female strengths to build massive influence. I recommend checking out the success resources and training videos to get started. 

The world needs more women leaders. If we leverage our female strengths, and create a community of women supporting women, there will be no limit to our success!

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Hi, I'm Lacy

I'm an influence coach, author, speaker and advocate for women. I'm also the Co-Director of the Women's Leadership Program at Cal State Fullerton's College of Business and Economics. I enjoyed a successful, 30-year in nonprofit management, 20 as a CEO, where I excelled at growing organizations, particularly during economic downturns.

Having succeeded in a "man's world," and being disheartened with the lack of mentoring and support among women, I now devote my life to supporting women in achieving higher levels of success by increasing their influence, so they can break through barriers and take charge of their career advancement.

My proven philosophy is that the most important asset a woman has is her innate female strengths. Having put this to the test in seemingly insurmountable odds, I'm now a full-time coach, consultant and mentor helping women learn how to apply their female strengths to build their influence. 

I often point out that women are 50% of the population and 57% of college graduates, yet only hold 6% of Fortune 500 CEO positions, 14% of government executive positions, and receive only 2.4% of venture capital.

My mission is to have an impact on this disheartening imbalance and to help bring the talents and strengths needed to solve today's most complex problems by helping women ascend to higher levels of leadership.

Advancing Through Influence

If you’re a woman experiencing barriers to your advancement at work, this book is for you. In it, I give you proven, practical and actionable strategies that empower you to take your advancement into your own hands. 

If you experience dynamics like a difficult boss that won’t recognize your talents; if you’ve seen less qualified people advance ahead of you; if a jealous co-worker continually throws marbles in your path, or a member of the power structure seems to be a continual roadblock to your advancement, or maybe you want to advance and are unsure why your career seems to have “stalled out,” you can break through these barriers by leveraging your female strengths. 

I'll show you that you already have everything you need within you to succeed. Get ready for examples and case studies that reveal the what, how and why of your 5 innate female strengths that will empower to you to influence your own career advancement, compensation and the life you want.

Pre-order now and I'll send you a signed copy.

You can expect the best

If you're serious about becoming more influential and accelerating your career, then one-on-one coaching is for you.

Hone your innate female strengths to build massive influence

I will teach you how to increase your influence and  significantly reduce the time it takes you to reach your goals.  

Break through male-dominated power-structures and achieve top leadership positions

We are 50% of the population, and 57% of college graduates and yet only hold 6% of Fortune 500 CEO positions. Break through the barriers.

Develop the high performance characteristics found in highly successful people

As a certified High Performance Coach through the High Performance Institute, I weave high-performance principles into our coaching sessions where these principles would benefit you.

Get started with a free strategy session

Completely free with no obligation.

1:1 coaching

There are options ranging from multiple sessions weekly to once monthly.

Group coaching

A unique group coaching program that will completely transform the way you think and feel about your power.

A quick word from my friends (clients)

Marycruz went from stuck to shining...

"Just having Lacy by my side, I was able to put forward a real plan to grow my following and launch my online business. She brought out the best of my inner gifts and ideas and has helped me understand how to show them to the world with authority and confidence."

Marycruz Flores
Founder, Cooking With Marycruz

Shawnette beat the odds...

"Although I’d always dreamed of working in management, I didn’t believe in myself, and I had no idea how to grow in a position. Working with Lacy changed my life. I was unemployed because I was fired. She was able to help me get my dream job against all odds."

Shawnette Diaw
Sous Chef

Stefanie wanted to avoid burnout...

"I hired Lacy as a coach to support me in taking my personal productivity and success to the next level. My interactions and negotiations with my team and colleagues are now less stressful and more constructive. This even extends into other relationships in my life."

Stefanie Robel, Ph. D.
Team Leadership In Research, Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute

Ready to break through?

I coach a limited number of women 1:1. Let's work together and I'll show you just how powerful you really are!

Get More Time...

Reduce overwhelm, recharge and reach your goals quicker

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