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You Are Meant For More


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“The world needs more women leaders…If we leverage more of our female strengths, and create a community of women supporting women, there’ll be no limit to our success!”
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Meet Lacy

Lacy is a coach, author, speaker and advocate for women. She spent 30 years in nonprofit management, 20 as a CEO. Having succeeded in a “man’s world,” and being disheartened with the lack of mentoring and support among women, she now devotes her life to supporting women in achieving higher levels of success and happiness in business, career and life.

Lacy’s proven philosophy is that the most important asset a woman has is her innate female strengths. Having put this to the test to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, she is now a full-time coach and mentor helping women apply their own strengths to achieve a life they love. 

Lacy often points out that women are 50% of the population and 57% of college graduates, yet only hold 6% of Fortune 500 CEO positions, 14% of government executive positions, and receive only 2.7% of venture capital.

Lacy’s mission is to have an impact on this disheartening imbalance and to help bring to a waiting world the talents and strengths needed to solve today’s most complex problems by helping women ascend to higher levels of impact.

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