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Women's Thriving in Business is a LIVE, monthly group self improvement, training and coaching event for working women. You will build your confidence and competence in overcoming everyday challenges such as toxic bosses, dysfunctional workplace issues, competing work and family demands, discrimination and other barriers to your full success and happiness. Also included are trainings for executive presence, building credibility, launching a business and other personal and professional growth topics.


One on One Coaching - If you are serious about accelerating your progress, then one-on-one coaching is the best method. Most successful professionals get higher level results through the help of a coach. Working with a coach increases your focus and effectiveness, significantly reducing the time it takes to reach your goals. Lacy is a certified High Performance Coach through the High Performance Institute. Similar to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, this program is utilizes modern science on high performance and walks the client through developing the high performance characteristics found in highly successful people. Lacy coaches only a limited number of women one-on-one, and there is an application process.


UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Women's Success Academy is a comprehensive, ground-breaking program that teaches you, as a woman to overcome barriers to your success by learning to master your female strengths, and leverage them to reach your goals. Imagine attaining your dreams merely by becoming MORE of who you already are as a woman. LIVE group coaching will be included to answer your questions and support you in applying these proven techniques. If you miss a live coaching session, you'll be able to check out the replay in your private members-only, online library. A limited number of women will be admitted to go through the Beta program at no cost before the launch. If you'd like to be considered for my Beta group, please email me at

Keys to Conscious Business Growth is a book written by 20 successful women to help working women succeed. In it, women share their most raw emotions and most challenging obstacles, and how they overcame them to create the life that they craved. Lacy's chapter, Women Hold the Keys to Conscious Leadership and the Solutions to Today's Biggest Problems, explains how women can leverage their strengths to overcome any obstacle.


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