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Keys to Conscious Business Growth is a book written by 20 successful women to support working and business women. In it, women share their raw experiences and most challenging obstacles, and how they overcame them to create the life that they craved. Lacy's chapter, Women Hold the Keys to Conscious Leadership and the Solutions to Today's Biggest Problems, reveals how women can leverage their own, innate strengths to overcome any obstacle.


One on One Coaching - If you're serious about becoming more influential and accelerating your career, then one-on-one coaching is for you. Professionals with a coach achieve higher levels of success. Imagine a pro athlete trying to excel without a coach. How can anyone reach their highest potential without it?

Working with Lacy will increase your influence skills by teaching you to leverage your 5 innate female strengths, significantly reducing the time it takes you to reach your goals. Lacy wrote the book (soon to be released) on how to leverage your innate female strengths to build massive influence allowing you to break through male-dominated power-structures and achieve top leadership positions.

Lacy is also a certified High Performance Coach through the High Performance Institute. Similar to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, this approach employs the latest research on high performance to help you develop the high performance characteristics found in highly successful people. Lacy weaves high-performance principles into her coaching where these principles would benefit her client.

Lacy coaches a limited number of women one-on-one, and there is an application process.


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