One on One Coaching - Coaching has become mainstream within the ranks of highly successful professionals. Why? Because, just as pro athletes have realized, its competitive out there and to break through the sea of competition and barriers, you need a coach. These barriers are even bigger for women. We are 50% of the population, and 57% of college graduates and yet only hold 6% of Fortune 500 CEO positions. Why is that? It is NOT because we aren't smart enough. The good news is, there IS a way to break through.

Whether your goal is to increase your influence to climb the corporate ladder, become more influential in your field, or land that dream job, or all of the above, my proven approach of leveraging your innate female strengths makes the difference between waiting for people to notice your value to making things happen in your career. I teach my clients how to take their success into their own hands by teaching them how to leverage their innate female strengths to wield massive influence in the specific daily situations in which they find themselves.

If you're serious about becoming more influential and accelerating your career, then one-on-one coaching is for you. Professionals with a coach achieve higher levels of success. How can anyone reach their highest potential without it?

When you and I work together, I will teach you how to increase your influence by leveraging your 5 innate female strengths, significantly reducing the time it takes you to reach your goals. I wrote the book (soon to be released) on how to leverage your innate female strengths to build massive influence allowing you to break through male-dominated power-structures and achieve top leadership positions.

I'm also a certified High Performance Coach through the High Performance Institute. Similar to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, this approach employs the latest research on high performance to help you develop the high performance characteristics found in highly successful people. I weave high-performance principles into our coaching sessions where these principles would benefit you.

I coach a limited number of women one-on-one, and there is an application process. Let's work together and I'll show you just how powerful you really are!

How much does it cost? Rates are as follows:

$1,000 per month for 3 weekly, 45-minute sessions

$700 per month for 2 weekly, 45-minute sessions

$350 per month for 1 monthly session

To inquire about one-on-one coaching or to apply, email me at


What My Besties (Clients) Are Saying...

Marycruz Flores

"I found Lacy on YouTube, and after watching her videos, I thought she would be a great coach to help me so I reached out to her.  I was feeling insecure, frustrated and stuck.  I came to Lacy knowing that I wanted to have a business, but until the first coaching session, I had only dreams. I really didn’t know how to put forward real actions towards my dreams.

In my initial coaching sessions, Lacy helped me figure out a business that really resonates with me.  Just having Lacy by my side, I was able to learn and put forward a real plan to grow my following and launch my online business.  I would have not done it without her. She brought out the best of my inner gifts and ideas and has helped me understand how to show them to the world with authority and confidence.

Lacy cares about her clients. She has an approach that makes you connect with her and brings the best out of you. I highly recommend Lacy, if you are looking for the next level of success in your job or business. If you want to stop dreaming and start taking action and launch your career or your online business, Lacy is the coach for you."

Marycruz Flores, Cooking With Marycruz
Shawnette Diaw, Sous Chef

"I had the good fortune of finding Lacy Schoen’s videos on YouTube. I was in a bad place in my career and needed a change.

Although I’ve always dreamed of being a fantastic employee and working in management, I was afraid to go for it, I was at my wits end and literally paralyzed with fear. I didn’t believe in myself, and I had no idea how to grow in a position or with a company.  Lacy gave me hope. When she spoke, it resonated with me deeply and I longed to learn how to implement the strategies she talked about. I hired her to coach me and it changed my life. 

Lacy’s straight-forward, assertive style puts her high on my list for my go-to person. She’s focused, success oriented, efficient, courageous, honest, assertive, strong, intelligent, savvy, caring, supportive, patient & gentle all at the same time. Lacy is committed to and invested in my success. She went above and beyond to help me ensure that I secured my target entry-level management position paying almost double of what I was earning. She was able to help me do this against all odds - I literally had 13 jobs within the past 5 years, and was unemployed because I was fired.

There are many nuances involved in choosing the right position: I struggled with this and it was a cake-walk for Lacy. She had all the bases covered. I learned more working with her in 2 months than I have in a lifetime of jobs and self help work.

In addition, she is well versed in online business and in high performance coaching. Lacy provided what I needed (she’s intuitive and an amazing listener) and her solid support ensured my success. AND, while all of this amazingness is happening, we are actively working on building my online business too. Lacy Schoen is a coach of a different caliber. By having her as my coach I fast tracked my way to success that, prior to working with her, were just dreams. If you are looking to break through the glass ceiling and seriously “step your game up”, then hire Lacy as your coach. I highly recommend her."

Shawnette Diaw, Sous Chef, Juice Press, Inc.
Stefanie Robel, Ph. D.

"I am trained as a neuroscientist and have one of these coveted tenure-track faculty positions in academia and had started building my own team 2 years earlier. Although I kept hitting the benchmarks of success I felt my productivity could use a boost and I needed help focusing my energy on a larger vision to avoid “busy boredom” and burnout.

I hired Lacy as a coach to support me in taking my personal productivity and success to the next level. I felt a connection with Lacy and her mission of supporting females in leadership positions right away. This is a topic close to my heart as well.

I particularly love Lacy’s approach to leadership! Her background as an executive and her deep insight are invaluable. Lacy helped me adopt a new way of operating and importantly of leading my team. My interactions and negotiations with my team and colleagues are less stressful and more constructive since we’ve been working together. This even extends into other relationships in my life.

While we first focused on productivity, we quickly started covering other life areas important to my happiness and success. I feel comfortable sharing challenges in any area and Lacy has an uncanny way of pinpointing the root cause of a challenge. Lacy is direct and efficient in addressing the challenges that I bring up but we also laugh a lot on our calls 🙂 Thank you, Lacy!"

Stefanie Robel, Ph. D., Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute & Founder, Team Leadership In Research
Anne Bogardus

"I can’t say enough about coaching with Lacy Schoen. She is simply an amazing human being. Her experience working at the executive level is invaluable. She has the ability to not only “listen” to what I say, but to “hear” what’s underneath those words to help me identify things I didn’t realize were there. Since I started working with her, I’ve seen improvement in every area of my life—even ones we never talk about!

Lacy has a way of building my confidence. She seems to know how to draw answers out of me in a way that makes me feel great about what I’m doing and often validates what I’ve already been thinking. After so many years of second-guessing myself, it’s refreshing to get such awesome feedback from someone who is truly invested in my success. 

Lacy is always positive. She understands the struggles of women who aspire to achieve leadership roles since she’s fought those battles herself. If you have a chance to work with Lacy, you should definitely take it!"

Anne Bogardus, Family Caregiver Resource Center
Lena Luna

"I have known Lacy for a few years and learned she was a coach. I have been guilty of making the excuse to myself that coaching is not within my budget. However, I was going through a challenging time in my career feeling helpless and stuck. I decided to hire Lacy after listening to a noted author say, “If you only do one thing - get yourself a coach!” That weekend I emailed Lacy and told her I wanted to hire her to coach me.

It was the best decision ever! Within one week after our first session I had mustered the courage to confront issues at work. I also started writing my book. By the end of the 3 months of her coaching, I had completed Chapter 4 of my book and my career got unstuck. With just the one session, the entire coaching investment had already paid off! With her help, I’ve gained clarity and explored paths to pursue that were not even in my awareness before working with Lacy. Thank you Lacy!"

Lena Luna, Energy Industry
Liza Vaca

"I am so grateful for stumbling upon Lacy Schoen's YouTube videos to support, guide and coach women in business. The video that helped me personally was “Why Women Compete With Each Other” because I never really understood why women would compete with each other.

It is rare to find someone that genuinely intends on serving as a lighthouse for other women. Lacy and I talked about what I was going through and she shared with me her experiences. Because of that, I knew that it was important for me to continue connecting with Lacy as much as I could.

I will forever cherish the one on one calls with Lacy and monthly group coaching sessions (through Women Thriving in Business) because as Lacy and the other women share common themes of their real life challenges (either internally or externally), having a support system to listen and offer insight as well as constructive strategies to build you up is a gift that is everlasting on the journey to continuing to show up with courage and strength despite fear.

Thank you Lacy for bravely standing up alone and in front of us with your mission to provoke growth for those that may not know how to achieve it."

Liza Vaca, Finance Professional